What the CFUnited folks want to know

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The folks running CFUnited have invited ColdFusion bloggers to answer some questions about the conference on our own blogs.

Sounds like a good excuse for an easy blog post, so here goes...

"What are you looking forward to most?"

While there are a few sessions I'm particularly looking forward to, what I'm looking forward to most is conversing with my fellow developers and sharing ideas.

"Which speaker will most likely end up on your camera?"

Hopefully none of the speakers will fall on my camera. Maybe I should just leave the camera at home; safer for everyone involved. "What do you plan to do outside conference time?"

Hang out with fellow conference-goers, maybe help some of the out-of-town folks find the places they want to visit (I'm no expert on D.C., but I know where most of the notable stuff is and can find my way around). Since I'll be commuting between home and the conference each day, I probably won't be hanging around too late 'cept for Friday night.

"Fill in the blank: I will mainly be around the ______ booth."

The popular booth, to find out why it's so popular. I'm curious like that.

"Do you have a new project you are working on and will reveal it at CFUnited?

Nothing I'm working on in my personal time really constitutes as a "project," per se, so no.

But if someone does want to announce and show off their project at CFUnited, I'd suggest going to the CFUnited wiki and scheduling a block of time in the Special Attendee conference room (the Lafayette room) so you have somewhere to show off your project. The schedule for that room is far from booked.

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