Some Words About the New jQuery Plugins Registry

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In case you missed it, last week the jQuery team announced the launch of the long-awaited jQuery Plugin Registry (  This new site is designed to address the issues that were present in the old jQuery plugins site and make it easier for plugin authors to share their creations via an authoritative listing.

I like what they ended up doing with the registry.  Instead of hosting copies of the plugins, it leverages GitHub.  Plugin authors put their plugins up on GitHub, add a manifest JSON file to their project that provides descriptive metadata about the plugin, and then add a webhook for the registry to the GitHub project (all of these steps are well-documented on the registry site).  Once all that is set up, every time someone creates a new GitHub tag for the plugin and pushes it up to the repo, GitHub will notify the plugin registry of the change and the registry will be automatically updated.  In other words, updating the project on GitHub updates the plugin registry as well.

Finally having a robust centralized, official listing of jQuery plugins is really going to help the plugin ecosystem.  It'll hopefully give lesser-known plugin authors more exposure and give plugin users a central place to search for plugins that returns results with quality, up-to-date information.

I've already added my recently updated dirtyFields plugin to the registry.  Not sure if I'll add my older, simpler plugin for counting characters/words in a textarea; I'll have to look and see what's already out there in that regard to see if my implementation fills a niche need for that sort of thing.

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