Learning Angular 2: Implementing My vadacl Validation Library

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Version 0.0.7 of my sandbox GuildRunner Angular 2 application is a refactor of the sandbox Chapter form I created in the previous version.  I refactored the form, which uses Angular's reactive form classes (FormControl, FormGroup, FormArray, and FormBuilder) to use a small validation library I created called vadacl.

The two main features of vadacl are:

  • It allows developers to set validation rules for the properties of a domain class at both the domain class level and the component level (because some validations are there to ensure the data can be persisted back to the server, and those validations should be set on the domain class so they are consistent throughout the application).

  • It gives developers the ability to set a "message" value that will be part of the metadata object returned from a validator when the data is invalid (which you can see in action in the refactored sandbox Chapter form).

You can read more about vadacl in my blog post about the library and in the README file in the vadacl GitHub repo.

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