IntelliJ 2016.2 and Angular 2 Support

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I realized today that the latest update (version 2016.2) for my IDE of choice - IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate version) - includes additional support for Angular 2:

  • A collection of live templates for Angular 2 files such as components and services.
  • A better understanding of template syntax.
  • The ability to create a new IntelliJ project via the Angular CLI tool.
So I downloaded and installed the update, but that alone wasn't sufficient to access these new features.  Turns out I had never installed the "AngularJS" plugin (I remember coming across it before, just hadn't installed it).

Once I installed that plugin and restarted IntelliJ, I could select File -> New -> Project from the menu tree, and "AngularJS" (for Angular 1 projects) and "Angular CLI" were new options listed under the "Static Web" project option.  I went ahead and chose "Angular CLI", and IntelliJ invoked the global install of Angular CLI on my laptop and executed the "ng-init" command to create the application structure and foundation files for a new Angular 2 project.

Inside the Angular project, I could create a new component using live templates by creating a new empty TypeScript file, hitting Control/Command-J to insert a live template, typing "ng2-component" until it was the selected template and hitting the Tab key.  The template then lets you tab through the update points in the template so you can enter the directive, template, and component names you want.

Very cool, but I think I would probably end up creating my components using Angular CLI from within the Terminal window in the IDE, because the CLI can generate the full set of files for a given component (the TypeScript file, the template HTML file, the CSS file, and the unit test file).  It also looks like the templates that contain code related to routing need updating.

Still, it's always nice when your IDE adds new features to making your coding a little easier.

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  1. Stanislav Says:
    I prefr to use Codelobster for AngularJS:

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