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The other day Lola J. Lee Beno shared on Google+ the link to Google's API page on how to add the Google "+1" button to your site.  It looked simple enough, so I figured I would go ahead and add the code to my blog so folks could "+1" my posts if they wanted to.

Then I remembered that I'm running Mango Blog, and while it's certainly possible to hack (err, "customize") the display files, the proper way to add new features like social networking buttons to the posts is with Mango plugins.

I knew how to install and use Mango plugins, but not how to write them.  What was I about to get myself into?

I found a Mango plugin called Twitter Retweet created by Nick Simone that did the same thing I was trying to do, only with Twitter.  By following his code and consulting the Mango documentation on plugins, I was able to create my Google Plus One plugin in an hour or two.  The only problems I ran into were ones of my own creation (the kinds of mistakes you can make when writing code late at night).  So now I have both the Twitter Retweet and Google Plus One plugins running on my blog.

I've submitted my plugin for consideration for the official Mango Blog plugin list on the Mango Blog site, but until it gets posted there Mango Blog users can download/install the plugin from the following URL:

I've also put the code up on Github so that anyone who wants to fork it or improve on it can do so:

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