CoCoMo Now Out on Adobe Labs

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This morning I read on Ryan Stewart's blog that CoCoMo is now available as a beta on Adobe Labs.

CoCoMo is a set of Flex components (described by Ryan as a "framework") that lets you add real-time communication and collaboration features to Flex applications, functions such as VOIP, webcam videoconferencing, multi-user whiteboards, and file sharing.

I haven't touched Flex since dabbling with Flex 2, mainly because none of the apps I build involve rich media such as audio and video (an area where Flex has a clear advantage over HTML and JavaScript). CoCoMo gives me new reasons to look at Flex as a production development platform.

The North American session of Adobe's huge MAX conference begins today, so I expect that there will be more news and announcements regarding Flex, ColdFusion, and AIR coming this week. Could be an exciting week!

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