CF Builder 2 Shortcut Keys Extension

An extension for Adobe's ColdFusion Builder 2 beta that displays the default shortcut keys added in this release of ColdFusion Builder in an Eclipse window.


CFQuickDocs Lookup ColdFusion Builder Extension

An extension for Adobe's ColdFusion Builder IDE that lets you look up a CF tag or function via the CFQuickDocs website ( created by Jake Munson.


CFSelenium Cross-Browser Converter Ant Script

An Ant script that automates the task of creating CFSelenium tests for other browsers based on the initial Firefox-generated tests.


colorPicker AIR Application

An HTML/Javascript-powered Adobe AIR desktop widget for selecting and designing website colors. Although the UI is fairly simple compared to more modern color-selection widgets, colorPicker does sport two fairly unique features: it automatically copies the hex code of your selected color into the clipboard automatically for easy pasting into your code, and it shows a list of your recently selected colors so you can compare colors or easily go back to a color you picked earlier in the day.


dirtyFields jQuery Plugin

The dirtyFields jQuery plugin applies a CSS class to a contextual DOM element associated with any form field that has been changed from its original value. For text inputs, <textarea>, and <select> elements, the <label> element associated with the field (via the "for" attribute) will be styled with the class. For <checkbox> and <radio> elements, you can specify the text associated with each element using "checkboxRadioTextTarget" plugin option (the default is "next span").

This plugin is useful when form submissions are done via AJAX and you want to show the user if they have any unsaved changes to the data.

Documentation | Demo | Download

focusTimer AIR Application

A simple Adobe AIR desktop widget with a countdown timer for setting an amount of time to focus and shut out distractions.  Designed as an aide to those using the Pomodoro time management technique, the default timespan is set to 25 minutes but can be adjusted.


Google Plus One Mango Blog Plugin

A Mango Blog plugin that lets you add Google's "+1" button and counter to the bottom of your Mango Blog posts.

Download/Mango Install

MyReminders Android Application

A to-do list/reminder application based on my earlier NoteToSelf app. Comes with three home screen widget options for viewing and addding reminders, allows you to dictate your reminders using Google's speech transcription service, and gives you the ability to set alarms (date and time) for time-sensitive reminders.


NoteToSelf Android Application

A free Android application for making notes/reminders for yourself. Comes with a home screen widget for viewing and adding new notes, and allows you to dictate your notes using Google's dication service.



A ColdFusion-powered mini web application for preserving and restoring database table data.


textCounting jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin will count the number of characters or 'words' (blocks of characters separated by one or more spaces) in a <textarea> every time a character is typed in the <textarea>, and will display either the number of words or characters in the <textarea> or how many words or characters can still be typed before reaching the set limit.



An AngularJS-powered tool for designing and generating ColdFusion/CFML ORM CFC files and corresponding ValidateThis ( files for client and server-side validation.

Video Demo | Documentation/Download