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Introducing Sparker: A Codebase Library Management Tool Showcasing AngularJS, Protractor, and Grunt Techniques

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Sometimes projects take on a life of their own, and you end up with something unexpected.

I set out to create an template for CRUD-focused single page AngularJS web applications, something I and perhaps my colleagues could use as a foundation for writing new applications.  But under the momentum of self-applied scope creep, what I ended up creating was a Grunt-powered codebase library management tool, with my original template concept as the first codebase of potentially multiple foundational codebases.


Using Grunt to Concatenate Only the JavaScript/CSS Files Used in Index.html

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One of the most common uses of the Grunt task runner is to build a deployment package out of your development code for your website or web application, and part of that build process is usually a task that concatenates the CSS and JavaScript files into singular (or at least fewer) files for optimal download.

The grunt-contrib-concat Grunt plugin allows you to configure a concatenation task to target individual files or entire directories, like so:

concat: {
            js: {
                src: [ 'dev/jquery/jquery.js', 'dev/angular/services/*.js', 'dev/angular/directives/*.js' ],
                dest: '../build/combined.js',
                options: {
                    separator: ';'

The only drawback is that you have to update the task's "src" property as you add or remove CSS and JavaScript assets from your web application.

As I was playing around with Grunt on a personal project, I came to wonder: could I create a Grunt task or set of tasks that could figure out which files to concatenate based on the <link> and <script> tags in my code?  Here's what I came up with.