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Online, Flex-Powered Express Version of Photoshop Available!

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Saw the news about this on some of the blog feeds this morning:


I only had time to take the test drive (no sign-up required) and briefly mess with one of the stock image, but still...Wow.

New YouTube API= Flex Apps To Manage YouTube Videos?

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YouTube announced the release of a new set of APIs today that (from what I've read so far) allow you to use YouTube as a web service. You can use API calls to log into YouTube, upload videos, list videos, edit the metadata about videos, and more.

Flex is obviously well-positioned to make use of these new APIs, given that the videos themselves are done in Flash. I wonder what apps will come out of this new development?

Here's the link to the main YouTube API page:


Adobe Open Source Website

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This may get missed in the news about the release of AIR and Flex, but apparently Adobe released a new website dedicated to the open source projects they're involved with (Flex, BlazeDS, Tamarin, etc.):

Adobe Open Source

...Fortunately it didn't escape Nick Tong's attention (I read about it on his blog). Good catch, Nick.

AIR 1.0 and Flex 3.0 Are Out!

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Check out the pages on the Adobe site:



...I'm a little disappointed that AIR still isn't quite ready for Linux, because it's not truly cross-platform until it is, but I know they're beta-testing it with Linux users so hopefully it won't be much longer.

Another Java Developer Sees Potential in Flex and Apollo

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Ed Burnette, a blogger for ZDNet, posted his thoughts about how Flex and Apollo may compete against Java:

Is Flash better than Java?