This app is a to-do list/reminder app with the following features:

Adding a reminder simply involves tapping one of the "add" buttons: the location of the "+" sign indicates whether the reminder will be added to the top or bottom of the list. You can save your reminder with either the Quick Save button below the reminder text box (which lets you save without having to dismiss the on-screen keyboard) or the regular Save button. In the list of reminders, a tap on any reminder will give you the option of editing it, moving it to the top or bottom of the list, or deleting it.

Completed or "archived" reminders are listed separately from active ones, and are automatically deleted after a certain number of days, which you can adjust in the settings. You can keep particular completed reminders indefinitely if you wish (in case you think you may need to make the reminder active again).

The somewhat dull black/white/gray color scheme was chosen to help make the app and the widgets fairly readable in brightly lit/sunlit conditions so you can use the app while you're out and about, but its readability will partially be dependent on what kind of screen your device has.

The app should work on all Android 2.1 devices (I tested it extensively on my Motorola Droid). You can download it on your Android device via the Android Market (just search for "myreminders"), or via the 2D barcode at the bottom of this page.

All feedback about this app, good or bad, is welcome as long as it's constructive. You can either submit feedback via the rating system in the Market application of your Android device, or you can click on my name in the footer to send me an e-mail.

Update Log

Version 1.1 (9/25/2010)

Version 1.5 (10/29/2010)

Version 1.6 (10/31/2010)

Version 1.7 (11/1/2010)

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